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Faux-Leather Jacket Buying Guide




Leather jackets offer a unique style option that can complement a wide variety of outfits. While real leather is a popular choice, faux-leather offers benefits like improved durability
and a potentially lower price point that can bring the look of leather into reach for more people. Understanding the materials used to create faux-leather jackets,
how to find the right jacket, and unique care considerations can help shoppers make the perfect purchase.




Why Go Faux-Leather?


There are many benefits to consider when determining whether a faux-leather jacket is the right choice. Affordability as compared with real leather is a major benefit. Faux-leather tends to cost just a fraction of the price of real leather, so people who want to sport the leather look for less can look to faux-leather as a viable option. This allows you to be on trend at a fraction of the cost, and update your wardrobe every season.

Another reason is the fact that faux-leather is easier to maintain. It is specifically manufactured to resist staining, and is usually fade resistant. Caring for a faux-leather jacket tends to be much easier than caring for the real thing.

One final reason to opt for faux-leather jackets is the fact that the color tends to be more consistent throughout the clothing piece. Real leather has a mottled appearance that occurs naturally. While some people enjoy this feature of real leather, the consistency offered by faux-leather makes it easier to match the color of a faux-leather jacket to an outfit.



Faux-Leather Materials




The materials used in faux-leather jackets are made up of poly urethane (PU), a plastic-like material. Wilsons Leather works hard to offer real leather products to customers, but PU pieces allow us to expand our offerings without moving away from our leather roots. Faux-leather jackets that are made of PU are less expensive, and the reduced price of this material means that more customers are able to afford the look of leather for less.

As a PU-based product, faux-leather is a vegan-friendly option. People who would like to complement their wardrobe by adding the look of leather can do so without compromising their vegan lifestyle by opting for faux-leather jackets.

While PU products may have had a fake look in the past, technology has allowed these products to look more like the real thing. High-quality materials help to create a look that closely matches real leather, and Wilsons Leather sources materials from trusted suppliers to ensure that the final product does not have the plastic-like look and feel that some competitors' faux-leather jackets have. The finished product not only looks more like real leather, but it is also easy to clean and keep in top shape.

As an expert in the world of leather, Wilsons Leather is dedicated to using high-quality craftsmanship in every leather piece that is produced by the company. This craftsmanship is also applied to faux-leather pieces. Materials are the most important part of the garment, and Wilsons Leather tumbles, distresses and washes the faux-leather garments to make sure that the final product that is offered to customers has the same look as leather.

Picking the Right Jacket


Faux-leather jackets offer a perfect pairing of form and function for nearly any use. The lightest faux-leather jackets can be pulled on over a light outfit in the heat of summer to draw interest without causing discomfort, while winter-weather jackets offer function by providing wearers with comfort and warmth throughout the colder months. Whether faux-leather jackets are being worn on a motorcycle ride or during a night on the town, these jackets offer a versatile and stylish option. The lower price point makes it affordable for customers to purchase several different jackets to complement their outfits in any season. As a PU-based product, faux-leather jackets come in a wide variety of colors to offer even more style options.

Faux-leather is a lightweight material that is easy to pack away for travel or wear every day. It is a comfortable material that adds a style option for warm or cool weather. There are even jackets available that have a faux-fur liner added for a cozy, warm option when the temperatures start to drop.


Faux-Leather Jacket Styles


Achieving the perfect look with a faux-leather jacket is a matter of choosing the style that complements a particular outfit.

Motorcycle jackets often utilize an asymmetrical cut for a stylish addition to a motorcycle outfit. These jackets offer protection from the wind that whips by as wearers enjoy a ride through the city or mountains.

Faux-leather blazers have a professional look that can add a leather accent to an outfit that is worn to the office. The cut is specifically designed to contour to the body in the same way as a more traditional blazer.

Faux-leather trenches offer the additional length needed to create a put-together look during a commute or a day on the town.

Collarless styles offer a more streamlined look for everyday wear.

Faux-leather vests offer the look of leather without the sleeves for a lightweight option that can be worn on warmer days.

With a more affordable price point, customers can choose several of these style options to be sure that they will have a faux-leather jacket ready for any occasion.


Caring for Your Jacket


As mentioned above, faux-leather is easier to maintain than real leather. However, it is still important to regularly care for faux-leather jackets to keep them looking their best over the years.

Stains can generally be removed with a combination of warm water and a mild detergent. The jacket should be allowed to air dry in a well-ventilated space after it has been cleaned.

PU-based jackets have a breathable quality that makes it essential to wipe off spills as quickly as possible to avoid long-term staining or discoloration. If a stain sets into the material, it is recommended that the piece be taken to a dry cleaner to ensure that the jacket is not damaged during the cleaning process.

If a faux-leather jacket is exposed to smells like cigarette smoke, the piece should be allowed to air out. For smells that are more persistent, it may be necessary to wipe down the entire jacket with a mixture of two parts warm water to one part vinegar. Be sure to air dry the garment after wiping it down to protect the material and allow the smell to dissipate.

While faux-leather is easier to care for than leather and offers built-in protection, wearers can also add a layer of protection to these pieces by choosing a spray, such as our Leather Care Spray that is specifically made to keep faux-leather in top shape.


Why Wilsons Leather?


Why should customers choose Wilsons Leather over the rest? We have a wide range of faux-leather jackets to offer the perfect look for any outfit. Not only do we offer jackets, but we also have faux-leather accessories that can finish off an outfit in style. Our dedication to quality when it comes to both the materials used and the craftsmanship associated with creating our faux-leather jackets makes every piece a garment that is worthy of being included in the finest wardrobes.