Wilsons Leather Fashion Look Book

  • Wilsons Leather. Leather Made. Since 1899. Fall 2018 Look Book. Click to Shop Now.
  • Women's Trends: Moto Jackets. The Moto Jacket is a must-have for every woman's wardrobe. Sleek hardware and shaping seams define this hip length silhouette, making it ever-so practical. Click to Shop Now.
  • Women's Trends: It's in the Details. Leather is anything but ordinary with added embellishments. Studs, rivets, patches and lacing make your outerwear a statement piece. Click to Shop Now.
  • Women's Trends: Cozy Trims. Stay warm in irresistibly soft fur, shearling and sherpa trimmed outerwear. This touchable texture finishes your look. Click to Shop Now.
  • Women's Trends: Hands-Free Bags. Backpack & belt bag silhouettes are easy to carry & incredibly chic. These modern carry-alls are made to meet the needs of today's on-the-go woman. Click to Shop Backpacks.
  • Women's Trends: Cold Weather Accessories. From scarves, to hats, to gloves, we've got you covered! Cozy up in these cold weather accessories that pair perfectly with any outerwear style. Click to Shop Accessories.
  • Women's Color Palette: Outerwear & 
		Accessories. Neutrals. Light neutrals - blush and taupe for a fresh fall look. Dark neutrals - greys and browns give an updated fall look to classic silhouettes. Black - go-to basic and classic. Warm Fall Colors. Blues/Greens - fashion alternatives to black. Wine/Reds - a warm pop of color for fall. Patterns & Textures. Florals - feminine and flirty. Croco/Snake Textures - fun, yet subtle textures (mostly for accessories). Monogram - elevated branded look (mostly for accessories). Click to Shop New Arrivals.
  • Men's Trends: Moto Jackets. The leather moto jacket is THE hot look for whereever the road takes you. Whether you like your look distressed & rugged, or timeless & classic, we've sure to have it. Click to Shop Motorcycle Jackets.
  • Men's Trends: quilted Details. You'll be sure to up your style IQ this Fall by adding a bit of quilting to an otherwise plain jacket. Touches to shoulders, sleeves & the back can be seen on many men's silhouettes this season. Click to Shop Leather Jackets.
  • Men's Trends: Hooded Jackets. Instantly up your cool-factor with a hood-in jacket combo. Hoods help to add a casual vibe to any look. Click to Shop Hooded Jackets.
  • Men's Trends: Backpacks. Backpacks are the new way for men to carry it all in style. The functionality, combined with unique fabric combinations makes them a must-have for the season. Click to Shop Backpacks.
  • Men's Trends: Cold Weather Accessories. Our men's cold weather accents help him stand out in a casual, relaxed way. Hats, scarves & gloves in the colors of the season help to complete a modern look. Click to Shop Accessories.
  • Men's Color Palette: Outerwear & Accessories. Olive. Deep rich color that pairs nicely with denim. Navy. Adding a pop of color while still being a valid substitute for black. Oxblood. Warm, rich color perfect for fall. Click to Shop New Arrivals.