Why Choose Leather?

Choose leather for durability and versatility:

Versatile leather pieces are available in a variety of textures and finishes. Heavy and durable by nature, it's the leather-of- choice for motorcycle jackets, briefcases and belts. The latest techniques in tanning and finishing also are creating lightweight versions of leather that are popular for year-around wear. It's easy to care for, water- and dirt-resistant, and the perfect match for any lifestyle.

Choose leather for beautiful finish options:

Strong, yet lightweight leather is ideal for gloves and jackets. It responds beautifully to tanning techniques and color finishes, giving it wonderful dimension and rich hues. lt's soft-to-the-touch, durable and a favorite among the world's top designers.

Choose leather for elegance and luxury:

Soft, smooth. and luxurious, lamb is the ultimate leather indulgence. Its lightweight nature and buttery texture give it a sophisticated appeal, which makes it the perfect choice for dressier jackets, sportswear and accessories. Although lamb is the most delicate of all leather types, it's also very wearable and transforms beautifully into today's most-fashion forward designs.

Choose leather for affordability:

Leather that is soft, durable and stain-resistant transforms easily into today's most current looks, making it a popular choice for leather jackets. New tanning techniques have created innovative surfacing like subtle sheens and matte finishes, in beautiful colors. This affordable, functional leather offers fashion, value and endless style.

Choose leather for velvety texture:

Suede refers to the underside of the leather, which is buffed to produce a velvety nap (texture). The natural highs and lows create interesting depth and beautiful hues, while the lightweight structure allows it to drape nicely - perfect for jackets, sportswear and handbags.

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