Leather Backpacks Buying Guide

Leather backpacks add a classy, luxurious touch to the standard backpack. When these packs are properly maintained, they can be used for the same purposes as any backpack. Leather backpacks are especially stylish for use in the workplace, but personal packs can even be used by students to carry school supplies to class each day.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Leather Backpack

There are some factors to keep in mind when searching for a leather backpack. The size and weight should be considered when a person will be carrying the backpack on a regular basis. Packs that are made to carry many items will come equipped with flaps and accessories. While these sections expand storage options for more utility, leather backpacks with added accessories may be too heavy for regular use. When purchasing a leather backpack online, it can be difficult to determine whether a backpack is too heavy for daily use. In this instance, buyers can try out a similar backpack at a local retailer to get a feel for the weight of the pack and how it fits before committing to a certain style online.

Some people are tempted to purchase a leather backpack that is larger than they actually need it to be, but this can just add bulk and make it more difficult to carry the pack. Stick with backpacks that offer just enough space for your needs, and stay away from options that have accessories that will not be used.

Leather Backpack Materials

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Wilsons Leather uses the best materials available in order to produce high-quality leather backpacks. The construction of each backpack is a focus, and each piece is made with an emphasis on careful attention to detail.

All of the leather backpacks that bear the Wilsons Leather name are made by hand, and each piece is made to withstand the test of time. Durability and utility are two priorities that craftsman keep in mind when making leather backpacks for Wilsons Leather.

The leather that is used in these backpacks has been sourced from the finest tanneries around the world. Wilsons Leather screens each supplier to ensure that quality is never a question, and each piece of leather that Wilsons Leather receives is carefully sorted by hand. Any pieces that do not meet stringent quality standards are rejected.

When the backpacks are being made, each piece of leather that is used to produce the pack is cut by hand to ensure that the texture, grain and color of the final product is uniform. Artisans who have been crafting leather products by hand for years produce these backpacks.

Picking the Right Backpack

Determining which backpack to purchase is a matter of evaluating the unique features of each pack. All of the backpacks offered by Wilsons Leather are made with functionality in mind. These packs have multiple pockets that can be used to organize personal belongings to make them easier to access, and keeping items separated in these pockets helps to keep them protected when they are being transported.

The straps on each backpack are made to be adjustable for the comfort of the wearer. Buyers can adjust the straps as soon as their new backpack arrives to ensure that they will be able to wear the pack without experiencing discomfort.

Hardware on these leather backpacks is designed to withstand regular use. Buckles, zippers and snap closures are made of durable materials that can be used daily without wearing out.

Each backpack features accent stop stitching that adds the to stylish appearance of the pack. In addition to the visual appeal offered by this unique stitching style, accent stop stitching also secures the edges and trims on the bags to ensure that they are able to hold items without sustaining damage. Linings in leather backpacks help to protect the items that are carried inside of the packs.

Leather Backpack Styles

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The variety of leather backpack styles that is available through Wilsons Leather allows buyers to find exactly what they need. Backpacks that are made with laptop compatibility offer the size and padding needed for people who will be placing their computer in the backpack to transport it to school or work.

Rugged leather backpack styles are made with added durability to ensure that the stylish look of leather can be used by people who lead more active lifestyles. These backpacks are ideal for motorcycle riders or commuters who spend their mornings and afternoons dodging hundreds of other commuters on their way to the train or bus.

Some backpacks combine leather and canvas to offer a high-quality pack with the durability of canvas and the stylishness of leather. The main construction of the backpack is canvas, but leather accents bring the overall design of leather and canvas backpacks to the next level.

Another style that adds even more function to the design of the backpack is the rolling backpack. While this pack can be carried on the back like any other backpack, there are wheels and a handle that can be used to roll the pack from one place to another when the load is just too heavy to carry on the back. Rolling backpacks are often popular with students due to the heaviness of books and school supplies.

Caring for Your Leather Backpack

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Leather backpacks are an investment, and it is important to properly care for packs to ensure that the money spent on a high-quality backpack is worth it. The first step to properly care for a leather backpack after it is purchased is to treat it with our Wilsons Leather & Suede Protector Spray or Wilsons Leather Lotion. It is important to ensure that the treatment is made specifically for use on leather to prevent damage to the pack.

A conditioner such as our Wilsons Leather Lotion can be used on a regular basis to keep the leather soft and supple. Leather that is not properly cared for can dry out and crack over time, so it is important to use a cream or lotion that is made to maintain leather.

Cleaning the leather backpack is also important to ensure that dirt and debris does not become embedded in the material. Dirt can be wiped away with a slightly damp cloth as soon as it is noticed. Be sure that the backpack has been treated with a water-resistant product first, and use a quick swipe to brush dirt off. Rubbing at the spot could force the dirt into the leather and may cause damage.

Any products that are used on the backpack should be tested on a small patch before being applied to the entire pack. Choose an inconspicuous patch to ensure that the look of the backpack will not be compromised if the treatment produces unsatisfactory results.

Why Wilsons Leather?

Anyone who is in the market for a leather backpack may be weighing the benefits of different companies that offer leather products. What sets Wilsons Leather apart from the rest? We have been in the leather business for over 115 years. Our leather backpacks and other leather products that are catered toward professionals offer the most value for the quality and craftsmanship featured in these items. We offer the ideal combination of quality and value, and our dedication to our products shows in the fact that Wilsons Leather stands behind every product sold.

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