Leather Buying Guides

Wilsons Leather Buying Guides

Use our buying leather guides to help you make the perfect purchase. Whether it be for a gift or yourself or someone else, let us guide you to make the right choice. From buying the perfect jacket, to picking the perfect bag, find all the information you need to pick the right product. Wilsons Leather has a 115 year history and take great pride in our product quality. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Shopping for a Messenger Bag?

Be on-the-go while looking both professional and stylish with a Wilsons Leather messenger bag.

Leather Messenger Bag Buying Guide

The variety of leather messenger bags styles that are available through Wilsons Leather, along with our helpful messenger bag buying guide, allows shoppers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

View our Messenger Bags Buying Guide

Looking for a Stylish & Functional Backpack?

Wilsons Leather backpacks are just as functional as they are a fashion statement.

Leather Backpack Buying Guide

Wilsons Leather carries many leather and canvas backpack styles for both men & women . Find the perfect style to help lighten the load in our backpack buying guide. Plus, discover how to choose the right backpack for your needs, whether for day to day use or for travel. Read more tips for selecting and caring for your backpack with our comprehensive guide.

View our Backpack Buying Guide

Considering a Faux Leather Jacket?

Faux Leather Jacket Buying Guide

Get the look of leather at a fraction of the cost by switching to faux. From affordability to durability, discover the benefits of faux leather material and choose the right style for you. Wilsons Leather faux leather jackets are available in a variety of colors and styles for both men and women . Find everything you need to know about buying and caring for faux leather jackets in our complete guide.

View our Faux-Leather Jackets Buying Guide