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Getting the Right Bomber Jacket
While Men's Bomber Jackets represent a style choice as a whole, there are sub-categories of this iconic jacket that should be considered before a purchase is made. As a jacket that was originally designed with the goal of keeping airmen warm during World War II, there are three main styles of bomber jackets from which to choose: the A-2, the B-3 and the MA-1.

- The A-2 is the iconic bomber jacket that most people think of when this style option is brought up. Air Force pilots wore this type of bomber jacket in World War II, so it is considered to be a very classic look. The sophisticated style still offers the warmth that made the jacket such an integral part of the war.

- The B-3 is very similar in style to the A-2, but the addition of a shearling lining to the sheepskin jacket makes it even warmer. This bomber jacket is perfect for men who want to maintain their sense of fashion while staying toasty in colder climates. Shearling wool lining spreads body heat evenly, since heat gets trapped within the wool fibers & provides a natural insulation against the cold.

- The MA-1, or Aviator, is a bomber jacket that was designed in the 1950s. While it offers warmth, the design of the jacket cuts down on the bulk for a sleeker look.